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Chadwick Blackwell

Chadwick Blackwell

Chadwick Blackwell has never considered sitting on the couch to be an appropriate use of time. Instead, he spends a lot of his time volunteering in his community and at colleges. Chadwick Blackwell has worked as an usher for JMU’s department of dance, a sponsor for Reading Buddies, a coach for a children’s drama club, and a coach/sponsor for Odyssey of the Mind, which is a competitive problem-solving club for children of grade-school to college-aged adults.

Chadwick Blackwell's Background

Chadwick Blackwell's Experience

Psychology Professor at James Madison University

Present | Gainesville, Virginia

Chadwick Blackwell dedicates much of his life to the encouragement of others in their own goals. While in school, he often went to lectures to find inspiration and now Chadwick Blackwell takes pride in being able to go back to places like James Madison University to help inspire possible students looking for the same thing. Chadwick Blackwell has presented in many seminars and workshops in the U.S. addressing education and its value to Americans.

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